Hex's Fansite of various things

(mostly sailor moon)
note: i have no idea how to use html5 so theres gonna be alot of garbage here

about me!!!!

I go by Hex / Hexy / Hexywexy online, I'm a 18 y/o trans girl,
I like Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Kirby,
and other various things. I have a Calico cat named lydia who is 12-13
My birthday is Dec. 11th

im at a massive loss at what to put on this site lol...

Site updates

28/1/21 - Added site updates, might make a discord...

29/1/21 - Added art page (wip), Diary, and emails, edited sailor moon page

1/2/21 - I honestly think this site is pretty complete, I'll just keep adding to it
as time goes on