Sailor moon

as of now ive watched all of the original 90's anime!!!
I watched seasons 1-4 on Hulu and 5 on DVD!
I rlly wanna watch the movies but ill have to order them
on dvd since ive been watching the viz media dub :/

I need some other anime to watch that are similar to sailor moon
I watched all of one punch man and Akira again recently as well so
stuff similar to them are cool too

I also wanna buy sailor moon merch lol I may make an email for this
site so ppl can reccomend stuff :D! I have some money but no bank account lol
I have a sailor moon shirt but I want figures n stuff!
I also may buy some of the manga bc I'm p sure theres more / different arcs

To buy list: pin set
switch case
Moon figure
Mercury figure
Jupiter figure
Mars figure
Venus figure
prop broach
prop broach
prop broach
prop wand
Sailor moon R
Sailor moon S
Sailor moon Super S